Commuting to DC

  1. Anyone ever had to make a commute from Baltimore (City or County) to DC for work? Was it a pain in the a*s? Was the job worth it? When I graduate I'm going to live in Randallstown, and while I'm nowhere near choosing a hospital, I've already got a interview scheduled at WHC in DC. Any pro/cons or advice/comments appreciated!

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  3. by   smartynurse
    It depends on the time of day you will be should not be too bad if it is early or late..meaning if you need to be there at 0700, you will be early enough to beat the traffic. Night shift could be a problem. Randallstown is about midway up 695, right? So, you could run into traffic around Baltimore and D.C. in the early evening rush hour (if you are leaving for work at around 5:30 or 6 pm). Why WHC? Why not try UofMD or JHU? They are closer.. Whatever you do, good luck!
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    Quote from smartynurse
    Why WHC? Why not try UofMD or JHU? They are closer..
    I'm gunning for OB, which I know is competive, so I'm applying to many hospitals in the metro area and WHC is the first to schedule an interview. JHU is my first choice at this point, but they're not even taking apps for OB right now because of overhiring.