Building Resume/Applying for GW $55/critical care float

  1. I am relocating to DC in a little over a year due to my fiances job. I have read and researched quite a bit about the job market and prospects in DC. We will be moving to either Rosslyn or Clarendon and I would love to get in at GW.

    I have seen the $55/hr float pool jobs. Does anyone have anymore information on them? How many hours are those nurses getting? Any advice on what I can do to get a position? I have some PCU time before a year now in Level 1 Trauma. I have been studying for and taking CEN prep course through our hospital. I would consider myself competent in ED, Neuro and Pulm units. If I moved to an ICU for a year after my CEN would that bolster my resume or should I just stick to the ED? They say you need to be able to work in 3 units: ICU, ED, IR, Stroke, Pulm, PACU. I certainly think with a half decent orientation I would be fine in an ICU but wanted to see what anyone more familiar thought.
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