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Associate degree RN

  1. 0 Hello, I'm in my last semester of an associate degree program in PA and it's looking very likely I'll be moving to the Reston area after school (my husband interviewed for a job with the Department of Interior and it's sounding positive!) I started looking at job postings for the area and noticed quite a few require BSN. Any other ADN's noticing this as well? Any hospitals I should concentrate on?
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    My advice, go for a BSN program ASAP now while you have momentum, this will increase your chances at getting work.
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    I am planning to start an RN to BSN program in September- will bring enrolled in a program be a benefit? We had no plans to move to VA/DC but then the opportunity came up, in PA it doesn't matter if you have an ADN or BSN :-/
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    If you are enrolled it will position you better than a straight ADN.

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