Any nurses groups in NoVa?

  1. 0 I'm 28 years old and started at Inova Alexandria 6 weeks ago. I grew up in this area but I left for a year to get my nursing degree and only recently moved back. I love my friends dearly but a lot changed while I was gone and with our crazy hours and weeks when we have odd days off that don't fall on the weekends I'm finding myself missing all my nursing school friends who really get what this is all like!

    So, does anyone know of any groups in the DC/NoVa area for nurses? I'd love to join one but don't know where to start!
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    Hi MerBear, I am from this area as well and recently finished my BSN after working in another field. How is Inova Alex. going and how was orientation for you? I am wondering what to expect as a new hire. I have applied there and hoping to get an interview. All the waiting that is involved in job-searching is taking it's toll on me--really hoping to hear "You've got the job!" at the next interview.

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