Volunteer Nurses to Japan

  1. Has anyone heard of any volunteer opportunities for nurses to go to Japan? I would really like to go and help.
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  3. by   Backpackernurse
    I too would love to volunteer! I have a feeling we may need to already be a part of a disaster relief organization though.
  4. by   Saylorroy
    I would like to volunteer. I am with the medical reserve corps with FEMA. You may be right about being part of a internetional relief organization. If anyone has information on this, please share it. japan will require helpfor a long time. There may be time to sign up with a relief organization.
  5. by   morningmom
    Check with Red Cross. Years ago before I became a nurse (and a single mom) I was part of their Disaster Relief portion. I know they sent people around the world at the time, but I am not sure about nurses (though for some reason I remember something about nurses in training I had.) Cant hurt to check. Let us know if you do go.