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Red Cross Disaster Health Team

  1. 0 Has anyone worked on the Disaster Health Team as a nursing student or know nursing students who have done this? I'm halfway through an accelerated nursing program and am going to a volunteer orientation tonight and am just looking for more info, experiences, tips, ideas for questions to ask tonight.
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    I commend you for wanting to volunteer with the Red Cross. I am a Red Cross volunteer nurse and went to New Orleans following Katrina.

    I don't know if you will be able to work on the Disaster Health Team as a student nurse as I believe it requires a license. But there are other teams that you can work on that will be just as rewarding. Be sure to get a lost of all of the disaster teams. Also, get a calender of all the training opportunities. There will be lots of opportunities for local volunteer work which is good training for larger disasters. Once you become a volunteer you will get called for all sorts or disasters, from local house fires, wild fires, flooding, etc.

    There is also a need for volunteers to teach classes. You might want to look into that.

    Feel free to pm me or post other questions here.