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    grounds for health (gfh), a vermont based international women's health organization, is seeking experienced women's healthcare providers (nurse practitioners, registered nurses, physician's assistants, ob/gyns, and/or general physicians with women's health experience) to volunteer on cervical cancer prevention campaigns in latin america and africa. our program focuses on bringing early detection and treatment services to rural coffee-growing communities. we focus on the application of technologies appropriate for low resource settings, including visual inspection of the cervix with acetic acid and cryotherapy. gfh volunteers spend two weeks working side-by-side with local medical providers both during pre-campaign training sessions and then throughout the campaign week. strong spanish language skills are required for all sites in latin america and a willingness to work with translators is necessary for anyone interested in participating in africa. more information and a volunteer application are available on our website at

    want to see the work in action? find us on youtube.
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