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  1. Hello all,

    I'm starting nursing school in the fall and am really interested in putting together a club for nursing students to do volunteer work with/for low-income and otherwise underserved communities (both local and international). Right now I'm thinking of activities like volunteering in local disadvantaged areas and fundraising to help health care programs in developing nations. I'm just starting to brainstorm and hope to put together a solid program that is beneficial, but also reasonable in its scope. I would so appreciate any and all opinions/advice on the subject. For instance, how do you feel about relatively inexperienced students volunteering in health care? Any ideas on work that would be both helpful to the community and a beneficial experience for a student? I'm not even sure what questions to ask yet, so really any opinions and guidance would be great.

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  3. by   Guitar_Heroine
    Are you sure your nursing school doesn't already do this? I know most of them do things like bp screenings for underserved people who don't necessarily have regular access to health care. I know my school's dental hygiene program does free cleanings, etc too.