Free Unbound Medicine PDA program for Relief Workers

  1. unbound medicine, a web based retailer of medical software for pda's and smartphones, have generously allowed a program geared for medical relief workers to be downloaded and updated for free. it is called relief central and includes many different tips and advice helpful to not just relief workers, but anyone traveling through third world countries would immediately find this extremely useful.

    according to their web site:
    relief central includes the world factbook from the us central intelligence agency (cia), the field operations guide from usaid, medline journals, and relief news from the cdc, red cross, fema, reliefweb, and more. this free resource delivers up-to-date information to assist those sent to disaster sites. relief central is available for download to your favorite smartphone -- iphone®, blackberry®, android™, palm®, or windows mobile® device.

    unbound medicine deserves a big thumbs up for doing this!
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