Experience needed to work with Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

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    I'm Max, I'm a junior at UNC-CH. So last week I just found out I got into the nursing program at UNC! I'm very excited to start on my path to become a nurse.

    My ultimate goal is to work for Doctors Without Borders/MSF and other organizations with similar goals. Who has worked for MSF or other organizations like this, and what kind of experience is generally encouraged? I feel some of the obvious experience needed would be with the ER or ICU, but I've also heard that focuses in pediatrics is encouraged as well?

    Any wisdom helps!
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    Moved to volunteer nursing forum in the Nursing Specialties section. There are several threads on working with DWB/MSF, in fact one of the members of all nurses has offered awesome descriptions of experiences as an active nurse volunteer with DWB/MSF and recommendations for clinical work experience in addition to minimum education/experience required by the organization. (Fluency in French is in high demand)

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    Great, thanks for the heads up! Guess I need to do some research before I post hah

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