Citizen Corp!!

  1. I recently "volunteered" to be the chairman of our county Citizen Corp Council. I feel I can really make an impact. The Corp is sort of in a rebuilding mode...the previous chairman dropped the ball I was led to believe. Also there is a great group of 5 or 6 people, mostly fire and EMS people, that are totally involved.
    The EMA director is great, but wants to back out of the council, and pretty much let us handle it, which is ok with me, she has plenty of other duties, and I know she has our back.
    My question is that we have a lot of work to do, organizing, and getting new members, etc. Any suggestions????
    We have 3 basic programs to offer. Tipp, a terrorism program, neighborhood watch, and CERT. CERT is close to my heart, I just recently took the instructor's class, and I love it!!
    We are making a presentation over the next two weeks to 3 different school boards. The idea is to let them know we exist, then scare them a little, and then tell them how we can help. There's enough area business people on the boards to maybe help spread the word around the community as well.
    Here's a start, anything else??
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