Anyone know of any NON-DENOMINATIONAL organizations?

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    I am looking for short term overseas volunteer work (less than 3 months).

    Preferrably, no user fee and definitely not religiously affiliated. All the links here seem to be for mission work.

    I live in Canada, BTW.


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    Check out Medecin sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

    However, please read "Hope In Hell" Inside the World of Doctors Without Borders by Dan Bortolotti.

    I belong to a group that goes to Vietnam. We are affiliated with a Christian group though.

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    Thanks, but they only take people who are willing to commit for a min of 6 months. If you know of any organizations, that will take you for less than 3 I'm all ears!
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    Well, I would ask the docs and nurses locally. We have a group of docs/nurses who go to Guatamala every year and it is just a group of people who decided to make up a group and go.

    I'll be interested in other posts about this. . .

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    Keep in mind that non-denominational and non-religious mean two different things, so your title may confuse some.
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    Quote from EricEnfermero
    Keep in mind that non-denominational and non-religious mean two different things, so your title may confuse some.
    That is true - I was confused at first. I belong to a non-denominational Christian church.

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    Another group that is not affiliated with a religion is International Medical Corps, which will accept volunteers for shorter periods than MSF. They will accept volunteers for their disaster response team, or for a general international volunteer for a minimum period of 2 is a link and you can continue to research it. Good luck! Abbe International Medical Corps | Privacy Statement
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    try these south american orgs; they all have medical volunteer programs
    of one sort or another, 3 months or less with little or no admin fees: (ecuador) (brazil) (cusco , peru) (guatemala) - 3 months min for clinic volunteers

    there are more volunteer options on the link below:

    free and low-cost volunteer work in south america
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    I used Baptist Medical Missions (yes, I realize OP wanted a non-denominational organization). We go abroad to Africa, Russia, South America, as well as other countries.
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    Somos Amigos Medical Missions is a non-religous group. Though the original members belonged to a jesuit college.

    They go on VERY short trips to the Dominican Republic (8 day trips) twice a year currently, soon to be three or four times per year.

    I'm going for the first time leaving this Friday! I'm nervous and excited. This will be my very first trip of this kind.

    Here is an info website: hoyasonline: Somos Amigos Medical Missions | Alumni Spotlight

    Any tips for this sort of travel would be welcome. I will most likely be an intake nurse doing vitals.


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