Xfering Pre-Nursing student. Tidewater won't accept GPA?!?!

  1. 0 I took two classes (Intro.Soc., and Child Psych) while I was active duty back in 2003. I got a C in the Child Psych, and attended one class of Intro. Soc stopped going and never formally withdrew resulting in an F (I know stupid me). Fastforward to 2005; got outta the Navy and moved to CT and started taking pre nursing classes at a local CC. All A's thus far (3.97 GPA w/ 24credits).

    My wife,whos active duty, is transfering back to Va. So I called and spoke with a counselor at Tidewater. She informed me that they would not transfer in my grades from my current community college; just the credits. My GPA would only be based on what I took/take at Tidewater. That blows my mind. It drops me from being competitive to struggling to meet the minimum reqs. I have a starting GPA of ~1.xx something.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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