Will i be able to work in a hospital? Will i be able to work in a hospital? | allnurses

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Will i be able to work in a hospital?

  1. 0 Hi, I'm just wondering will I be able to work at a hospital as a new grad LPN? I don't really care for LTC and my dream job would be working in the oncology department of a hospital. PS-I'm in the 757 area
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    LVNs/LPNs do work in hospitals in that area...there don't seem to be as many hospital jobs available for LPNs as there are for RNs, but they are there.

    However, I don't know what your odds are of getting into a hospital as a new grad LPN. Why not contact HR/recruitment and see what they say?
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    Not really not for new grads LPN are not be accepted in hospital to me knowledge... The hospital in 757 are becoming magnet hospital meaning only RN or BSN working for them. Good luck on your job searching!