Waiting list at TNCC or TCC

  1. I am looking at applying to both RN programs and have finished most of the prereqs. First does anyone know if they will transfer credits from other schools as prereqs? I took sociology at CNU while earnging my degree any ideas if that will be counted? I have also heard that the wait list can be about 2 years long. Is that true? does it apply to people who haven't completed all prereqs? If you have done all the prereqs could you still be put on the wait list?
    Any advice would be soooo appreciated!!! Thanks
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  3. by   cgravier
    hi. I just got accepted ino the RN program at TCC. I dont know what you mean by wait list but I got stuck in cohort 4 which doesnt start till march next year. AFAIK thats as long as you will have to wait. (I applied in March, got my letter in August) I did all my prereqs before I even applied because everyone said TCC is hard to get into. well, I got in so I did somethng right lol.

    As for prereqs transfering I dont know, but sociology is an easy class. Take Prof White at TCC Virginia Beach.