Virginia registered nursing license by endorsement

  1. 0 I am in the process of obtaining an RN license by endorsement for Virginia. Online when I get to the finish of the application, and am ready to pay by credit card I am redirected to "My Virtual Merchant", their external payment site. I cannot connect to display this site. This site does not even connect when I do a google search for "my virtual merchant". I have tried and tried to no avail--logging out and in again, rechecking my application form... Calls to the VA BON have not helped with this. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?
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    Have you tried accessing the site on a different computer or ISP? Do you have some kind of ad blockers on or cleaned the cache recently?
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    Thanks. I ended up going to the library a computer there, it went right through. Today the VA BON said it was due to Internet Explorer 8 + 9 which the site did not work with.
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    Sometimes the browser you use can make a difference: if IE doesn't work--and I find that IE doesn't work a lot of the time--try Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.

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