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VCU RN-BSN Program

  1. 0 Does anybody know if VCU's RN-BSN looks at cumulative gpa for acceptance? The application isn't clear. The traditional and accelerated are cumulative however it doesn't state whether it is for the rn-bsn. I have a 3.8 nursing gpa and a 3.3 cumulative, just don't know what they will look at...

    Any insight would be great!!
    Thanks!! :wink2:
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    i don't think they are too concerned regarding your GPA for the RN-BSN program.

    i think it's way more competitive for the traditional and accelerated programs in terms of your GPA.

    i thought somewhere on the site, they say they want at least a 2.5 GPA for the RN-BSN. ??? i could be wrong ..

    i think you're almost a "shoe-in" once you get your RN, it's when you're applying for the trad./accel. -- it's a beast!
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    I do know that they go far and wide recruiting RN's to go into the RN to BSN program. Let us know if you make it!