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VCU 2010 Accelerated BSN

  1. 0 Hello everyone,
    I just thought I would start a thread on this topic since I have been able to find any concerning Virginia Commonwealth's accelerated BSN program specifically. I know that we should be hearing back around the first week of February, but of course I am anxious about it! I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything yet or wanted to share some concerns???
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    Hey! Yea I also applied to the Accelerated Nursing Program at VCU and just heard back like
    two days ago.. it came in the mail to my home address. Maybe you should call them to ask when
    they mailed your letter, it should be coming!

    Good luck!
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    Hi hokie87 -- I just happened to find you on this forum. I'm going into VCU's ABSN program starting in May. I just thought I'd ask you, since you entered the program last year, how you like it? Is it extremely instense, or is it manageable? Do you ever get any free time off? How's the City of Richmond? (I've never been.) Anyway, anything you have to say about the program, pros and cons, would be really helpful! Thanks in advance!!