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Hi, Is there anyone else out there who applied/ is currently applying to the UVa direct entry MSN CNL program? I would love to find other members so that we can go through this process together.... Read More

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    No I wish Have you been invited?
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    I applied to the program as well. Anxious and nervous. Although I got all A's in my pre-reqs and I believe strong recommendations, I think my past may come to haunt me. Has the UVA CNL program ever admitted anyone with a criminal past from ten years ago? I researched the Nursing Board site and looked at so many cases. The only time they denied licensure even after people lied about it on their application was if someone stole prescription drugs. What is the admissions rate for situations like this?
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    I haven't been invited either! Is it alphabetical order? or are the strongest applicants are asked to interview last?
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    Have you applied elsewhere healer's art?
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    We review files in the order that they become complete (all recommendations and all transcripts). We interview 6-12 people per week, and send emails to those individuals the weekend immediately preceding the interview. We expect to be conducting interviews until December 15 (with breaks at Thanksgiving, final exams, etc). The interviews are conducted by regular CNL faculty, and are scheduled around their availability -- which varies from week to week.

    Also, people who look good on paper may not have good interviews. The reverse is also very true. Do not read anything into the process if you have not been interviewed yet. We are only in our second week of interviews now (of 7 or 8 total weeks).
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    Healer's Art, did you receive my reply to your PM? I tried to send it, but I got a message that said your inbox was full. Let me know!
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    If you do not get asked to interview does this mean no?
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    First off, thus far we have contacted only 1/3 of those who we will eventually interview; there are still several dozen applicants who have yet to be invited for interviews. Interviews will be conducted until December 15. In most cases, we make offers of admissions from those who were interviewed by faculty on the committee. However, there are also individuals who are unavailable for interviews (overseas on medical missions/volunteer work, Peace Corps, military deployments) who may be offered admissions without an interview.
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    I interview this week, does anyone have helpful suggestions to prepare for it? I feel nervous and excited!
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    i have not. how about you soulshine?
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    hey there! haven't been on in a while. saw the new board for 2013 applicants, so will head that way....