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    I have been a LPN for 11years and recently obtained my RN. I have now been an RN for 18 months. I have worked as a LPN in a variety of settings including primary ambulatory surgery, endoscopy, clinics and md office, and most recently home health infusions. I have continued to work in Home health IV infusions since graduating from school. I have this fear of becoming "pigeoned holed" in home health and would like to spend my wings. I really enjoyed ambulatory surgery and would like to get back to that or into the OR. However I am having trouble how to figure out how to cross over into this world. Are there any classes within the hampton roads area that I can take to help improve my changes of changing over to the OR world. I am working on obtaining my ACLS as it lapsed when I switch over to home health. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.


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