Took NCLEX Friday. Results when?? Took NCLEX Friday. Results when?? | allnurses

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Took NCLEX Friday. Results when??

  1. 0 I was just wondering if anyone took there NCLEX on friday and when they received their results. I am soooo nervous because i checked this morning via the VA BON and it wasnt posted. As well as I called the automated number and still had no luck. I keep getting the good pop up. Someone help ease my worry. I took my test Friday and 8 and finished around 11.
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    Here. I took my nclex friday and still waiting for the result. If u get the good pop-up it means "hope". So i guess u passed ! ��
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    I took mine on Monday. But I don't think Virginia participates in quick results so paying or going online after 48 hours does not help. You just have to wait
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    I took mine on a Friday last month. kept getting the good pop up throughout the weekend. I saw the official result posted on the website on Monday. The PVT is accurate, I can attest to that. So congrats! (just keep checking the website for the official result)
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    If you got a good pop up I am confident in saying Congrats to new RN!!!! That pop up test has yet to been proven wrong if done the right way!!