TCC in Hampton Roads Prerequisites

  1. Which science is the best to take in a summer session? I have Chm 121 chem for health science student, microbiology and AP1 and AP2 to take?

    I am trying to plan spring, summer and fall for next year. I can only take one science at a time. I am just completing Chm 1 at TCC so I thought it would be best to take that in the summer since it is the freshest in my mind.

    2nd question. Should AP1 & AP2 be taken in consecutive semester or will AP1 in spring and AP2 fall work? Has anyone tried take AP2 in the summer?

    Thanks for input from current or previous TCC students.

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  3. by   EB52389
    Any Marymount accelerated program spring 2012 students???!?