Suggestion for Moving to VA

  1. Hi All, I am med-surg RN trying to move to DC metro area preferably to VA. My husband works there and I am here with my kids. Life is getting tough this way and I am thinking I should move. But under a year nursing experience, it's very tough to find jobs in today's market. Anyone here can help me in any ways? I will really appreciate. Any suggestion or connection to help?

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  3. by   Tinkx RN
    good luck to actually thinking about moving to VA to attend VCU MSN program when i graduate from my nursing program...I would love if you would let us know of your wishes :-)
  4. by   Meriwhen
    If you can, hold out to get the year of experience...the reason being that with less than a year you are still considered a new grad...but because you already have some RN experience, you're now ineligible for a lot of new grad programs.

    You can start searching immediately though, while you're waiting for the rest of your year to pass. Then if you land something before the year is up, you can pack your bags and get out to DC knowing you have a job in hand.