Starting 2nd semester @JTCC Nursing School, need to know what to read over summer

  1. 0 Hello all you Nursing Students!
    It's been so long since I have had a chance to read allnurses. I've just finished my first semester at JTCC Sch of Nurs'g and just wanted to know what i should be reading up on during the summer before the 2nd semester starts. I have been reviewing notes from Nur 111 and reading my Med Surg/Pharm books. And what I should expect during the second semester. I would really appreciate some heads up!:redpinkhe
    Thank you
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    Moving to Virginia Programs Discussion to elicit responses from those familiar with the school.
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    New51 - Are you going to have to buy any more books for the 2nd semester? I am just starting my first semester this fall.

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