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  1. 0 Hi! I'm hopefully attending MCI in May and I'm looking for any type of scholarships. I only have 5500 left to pay and $279 a month is a little too much for me. Does anyone know of any scholarships? Thanks
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    I'm attending MCI next Monday and I'm look for scholarships myself. Did you find other help covering your fees bc I wish I had $5500 left to pay. Also ask the school for a list of scholarships.
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    Hey, well the financial aid lady only gave me websites to look at but I'm not really finding any. I have until May 9th to find something but I do hope you fond something soon hun!
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    My financial aide advisors suggested looking into your local business, employers/old employers, any medical companies, or companies like Johnson and Johnson or tylonel for scholarships. Hope this helps :-)
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    Check out - it has a decent index of scholarships. You should also inquire with your school's financial aid department. Good luck!
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    Thanks guys! Looking into Johnson & Johnson now!