RN from a vocational school

  1. 0 I am currently in a LPN program(vocational school) in Falls Church.
    My school is going to get their RN program by next year.
    So I was thinking about my options after LPN.
    If I get my RN from a vocational school and take all the pre-requisite classes from NOVa,
    would I still be able to get into George Mason's or other colleges' for RN-BSN program?
    Or would I have to go to NOVA?

    It would help me a lot for me to choose the path and set the goals.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Many colleges just require that you have that "RN" for admission. I was going to say that the pre-reqs might not transfer from a vocational school, but you've already addressed that with going to NOVA for those. If there's a flaw in your plan, I don't see it! According to GMU, they accept diploma program RNs:


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