Question about A&P - BIO 141 Online at NVCC / ELI

  1. I just registered for an 8 week class, BIO 141 Online, at NVCC through their Extended Learning Institute. I know it will be a hard class.

    Just trying to get a feel for what the exam format is. Are they multiple choice, essay, something else?

    Any feedback would be helpful if you have taken the BIO 141 course online through ELI.

    Also, assuming you made it through, how did you do it? Tips welcome.
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  3. by   cfleharty
    I did it before for both 141 & 142. 8 weeks is tough for the course but it can be done. Exams are multiple choice and hot spot (put pointer at correct spot and click). Just work from the study guide and you will do fine. I still reference mine from time to time.
  4. by   aniceprep
    Thanks for your help. I'm a non-science person and the course so far has been killer. I scored a 90 and 87 on the first two exams. I'm nervous they are going to get much harder.

    I thought all of the exams were multiple choice. I didn't know any of them had hot spot. Which ones were those?

    Do you know if ELI courses ever curve? They seem like they are all pretty standard and there's little to no room for individual instructor intervention.