order of prerequisites

  1. 0 I need to take most of my prerequisites before applying for nursing school. I wanted opinions on the order I should take them. I work fulltime and can only take take classes on evenings and on saturday. I was thinking 2 at a time.
    chm 111*
    a & P 1*
    a & p 2*
    Micro biology*
    eng 112
    clg alg *
    dev. psychology
    intro to sociology
    fine art
    public speaking
    I am thinking of taking a hard class (marked with *) along with a easier one. My biggest confusion is should I take a & P classes then math's and chem.
    What is your thought?
    thanks for any input
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    I would say take the A&P classes closer to when you'd be planning to get accepted so its fresher on your mind. So I would do math and chem before A&P. At my school you couldn't do Microbio until you had A&P and supposedly chem as well. So Microbiology would be last.

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