MCI Accredidation

  1. Can anyone tell me if MCI is accredited through the NLNAC. I saw on the NLNAC website that they are not accredited, and I'm worried that I will pay a lot of money and then my credits won't transfer. Also, does that school have a regionally accrediting body???

    I've tried to contact them personally to get answers, but they will not tell me anything over the phone?? Not even how much the cost of the program will be?? They keep saying that I need to come and speak to them in person, so I'm getting a little worried about the validity of their program???

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  3. by   leapinglizards3
    Which location and which program are you interested in? I start July 26th and can give you some info depending on the program you're interested in..
  4. by   lkwashington
    Now, I have heard they are not accredited yet. I am not positive. Maybe you need to go in and fine out. You can even call the BON of the state the school is located. Instead of wasting time going the facility.