Marymount or George Mason for BSN for working RN

  1. 0 Hi, I am considering to obtain BSN. I'm RN and have 2.5 yrs of med surg experience. I went to Marymount to nursing school 4 yrs ago. Marymount is very expensive, but I just saw that they have online RN to BSN option. George Mason in state tuition is so much cheaper, but I would prefer going to Marymount.
    Is there anyone of you RNs currently pursuing BSN in either George Mason or Marymount University, and share what's like? Do you have to attend any clinicals?
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    I got my BSN from Mason but I started nursing school at MU. MU was over priced and IMO, was inferior to GMU. My
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    Why don't you check out both? I'm at Marymount and I love it. I have classmates that transferred out of Mason's program- they said it was grossly disorganized. I think you'll find that in any program, you'll have people that love and and you'll have people that hate it. IMO, I think most programs are good--you have to find your fit.

    Good luck!

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