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LPN Unit manager

  1. 0 I am a LPN, As of January 2011 I will have one year experience. I have recently been hired as unit manger. I was wondering if there was any advice to offer for a relatively new nurse in a management position.
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    Be communicative, informative, firm, and don't show favoritism.
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    It's been a while since this posted, but I hear you. I am an LPN in a high management position after relatively little experience- just remember that you need to pull on your non-nursing experience as well when being a UM. Nursing is very important, but the key to management is to A) Be Organized, B) Listen to everything going on, C) FOLLOW UP ON EVERYTHING. Oh, and most important - when you feel overwhelmed, ask for help!!!!! The LPN designation does not determine how good a unit manager you will be, your personality and personal qualities will...