ITT-Tech (Norfolk Campus)

  1. 0 Hi, i was wondering if anyone has it is attending ITT-Tech's nursing program? I have an appointment tomorrow to get some information and with their Opportunity Scholarship, hoping to be able to pay for it. Any information is appreciated! Thanks.
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    Moving to VA Nursing Programs forum.
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    I'm sorry. Major mistake in my post. I commented on the RN program, not their LPN program.
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    I looked at that school, (MCI) I just can not justify the cost. Are you looking for the LPN or RN program?
    LPN= $35,000
    RN= $49,590

    That is insane. You can get your LPN for $8,000 in Norfolk, or $13,000 in Newport News and at least at the school in Newport News they hire their grads!

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