I just got into VCU's BSN program! I just got into VCU's BSN program! | allnurses

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I just got into VCU's BSN program!

  1. 0 I got my acceptance letter in the mail today!! I was so excited and wasn't expecting it so soon because they had the admitted date as March 15th and I live in Illinois so I thought it would take at least a week after that date but i guess not!! Has anyone else been accepted?

    I have never been to the VCU campus and have no idea what dorm I should live in so if anyone has any advice please let me know. And if anyone is looking for a nursing roommate let me know!
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    Hi al e135, I am applying to the amsn program, would you mind sharing your experiences and your stats? (i.e. gpa, sat, how many absn/amsn students) anything you can share will be much appreiciated.