Georgetown  GMU vs. GWU vs. Marymount Accelerated Georgetown GMU vs. GWU vs. Marymount Accelerated | allnurses

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Georgetown GMU vs. GWU vs. Marymount Accelerated

  1. 0 Out of the 4, can anyone rate them based on how hard it is to get into these programs (1=easiest)? From my understanding, GMU is the hardest because it's the only school which discourages students from applying because they have 50 spots and 400 applications, or whatever :/..not very encouraging even though I graduated from there...

    BUT Georgetown and GWU are such excellent schools. Can they really be easier to get into than GMU?

    I figured Marymount is my backup :/

    I am so happy there is no entrance exams for any school except GMU!

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    I applied for Spring 2011 at Marymount and was told that there were and "overwhelming" number of applications...maybe a lot of people are using MU as their "back up". It's my first and only school I applied to, so I'm hoping to be accepted!