George Mason U's ABSN- do they look at cumulative or prereq GPA??

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm interested in applying for George Mason's accelerated second degree nursing program.

    I was wondering if anyone knows if George Mason considers your overall cumulative GPA or just your science prereqs GPA?

    I have a Bachelor degree in Business. Unfortunately, I didn't like or have passion for my major.. and thus didn't work hard and graduated with a low 3.12 cumulative GPA. I currently have a 3.84 science/nursing prereq GPA though from additional classes I've taken. I was wondering if George Mason will take that into consideration, or will they just look at my overall GPA (undergraduate GPA combined with prereq GPA at a community college)?

    Thanks so much,
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    They should look at both GPAs. They definitely look at your pre-req GPA, and request official transcripts from the university where you got your first degree as well.

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