From teaching to nursing? Advice needed!!!

  1. Hi there,
    I don't know if this is the right place but I really could use some advice from nurses. I am currently a middle school special education teacher (I've also been an elementary special ed teacher) and really do not feel like I am in the right profession. Don't get me wrong- I don't hate teaching and love working with my kids. There's just so much other b.s involved with the profession. (I'm not whining!) I realize that there is a certain amount of b.s in every profession. I just really feel like I need a change.......

    Which brings me to looking into nursing! I was actually in nursing school when I met my husband, got married, and had kids. I was one of those people who went back to school as an adult and got my bachelors and masters degrees in teaching. 7 years later, here I am. I am really looking into possibly becoming a nurse and just want some opinions on how satisfied nurses are in this area (I'm in Chesapeake.) I love the idea of helping others and I have heard that the pay is better in nursing than teaching (which sounds good as I have 3 kids!) The parts of teaching that I like would be there. The only thing that scares me is going back to school or affording to going back to school..

    I realize that I'm kind of rambling right now. Thanks for listening and offering any advice!
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