Falls Church high school LPN program anyone? Falls Church high school LPN program anyone? | allnurses

Falls Church high school LPN program anyone?

  1. 1 Anyone graduated from or thinking about attending Falls Church LPN practical nursing program? Any information about or advice? What is the cirriculum like and did you find a job easily after graduation? Did you go on for your ADN and did your nursing courses transfer?

    And how much do LPNs in Northern Virginia make anyway w/o experience?
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    I am looking into the program for next year. It is a 2 year program. The first year you do classes for half a day. The second year you do your clinicals
    at Mount vernon Hospital and INOVA and other hosp. around the area. You take a test in March and the 25 people w/ the highest scores get in the program.
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    I graduated from the program. It's an excellent nursing program. I don't think any student in my batch failed the NCLEX-PN.
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    Im looking into that program now. Did you end up taking it?