Failed BSN Program and short just one class. Can I sit for the LPN exam?

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    I am in a pretty weird circumstance. I failed the BSN program by one class (Med Surg IV) and was dismissed from my program one week before graduation. I have to wait 3 years to re enter the program and at which point i have to start over. Because.. well... thats insane.... is there any way I could sit for the LPN exam maybe after looking at some practice books or something so I could make some money and then maybe bridge? Idk... does anyone have any other suggestions?

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    To qualify to sit for a certification examination, you need to have completed an accreditted program that prepares candidates for that exam. So to take the LPN exam, you would have had to graduate from a recognized LPN program.
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    Check with the Board in your state to see if they allow it. If so, then check with the school. Some schools will not sign off on the student's application paperwork even though the practice is allowed in that state.

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