Eligible for student loands for 2nd BA???? Eligible for student loands for 2nd BA???? | allnurses

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Eligible for student loands for 2nd BA????

  1. 0 I am researching schools now and am wondering about financial aid eligibility. I already have a BA in International Studies and used student loans for my undergraduate degree. Is it possible for me to apply for my 2nd bachelors (BSN) and still be eligible for student loans. I'm looking at applying to VCU for their 2nd degree program. Has anyone heard any info about their program? I thought the clinicials would be good since there is the MCV hospital and I also need the in-state tuition. Has anyone applied? Thanks a bunch!
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    I am getting loans for my 2nd degree.
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    Thanks a bunch! I was really starting to worry about whether or not I could afford to get my 2nd bachelors without a loan. So that's good news for me Thanks.