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  1. I need to take courses to build up my GPA, to a 2.0 average,to prepare for the registered nurse associate degree program, and I'm thinking about taking courses at a local community college, Thomas Nelson to be exact, can anyone tell me what courses should I take, and how many credits I would need to take, to possibly start in the upcoming semester?
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  3. by   pretymedic
    Your nursing credits will depend on what program you are going into. some programs require all prereqs to be met and some just wnat most. Keep in mind you are competing for these slots. for every one slot their is five people who want it. The higher your GPA the better you look. Get as many letters of Recomendation as you can. This fall start out by taking all your placement tests. then take your eng 111, 112. math , chem (you will need 111 and 112 if you are going for a bachelor, 125 is acceptable for associate) students who have taken NAS 161 and 162 will have priority at most schools. all i can say is check with you school find out what they require but this should get you in the right direction. Remeber----don't just shoot for a 2.0---they won't even look at you--shoot for a 3.5 or better!!!
    Best of luck!:lol_hitti