BSN grad, no RN license & experience yet, part time opportunities?

  1. Hi everyone.

    I'm a BSN graduate (just graduated last year) and still waiting for my VA application so I could take the NCLEX and become an RN. I have no experience. Anyone of you know where I can work part time? Preferably in Fairfax/Arlington/Falls Church area.

    I've been looking up for job openings online. I've searched in INOVA and other hospitals. Even in Kaiser. I'm willing to work as a nursing assistant but found out that I need to be a CNA. And most of them require experience.

    These days, it's so difficult to find a job that doesn't require any experience. It's so frustrating. If anyone knows a workplace, even senior homes/nursing homes, I'd like to know. Thank you.
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  3. by   gunrock
    Very few if any (at least from what I've seen) will hire a new grad part time. They invest (at least they should) way too many resources in for you to just work part time and as a new grad you should spend as much time on the unit getting experience.
  4. by   shammie
    maybe u should try a residency program at va hospitals?

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  5. by   NurseGuyBri
    Have you tried HCR Manor Care buildings? they have them in fairfax, arlington, lynchburg, richmond, etc.

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