anyone working at annandale?

  1. 0 hi, i am just curious as to how is the working environment and cost of living at annandale, virginia...coz' someone is convincing me to move up there but i don't have any idea how is it like living there...i'm form staying here in norfolk...hope you can help...thanks!
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    Hi, Jhenbl. I've been living in Annandale for the past year. The D.C. area is pretty expensive...more expensive, the closer to D.C.. Are you planning on a house or apartment? Most apartments are about $1000 a month here. Houses are $400K+. However, salaries are higher here than most places around the country. Plenty of work here...both hospital and agency. Plenty of shopping too. I, as an agency nurse, prefer this place because it is right by the Beltway, which makes it convenient to get around quickly. On the downside, there's a lot of traffic.

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