Anyone else waiting to hear from JTCC for Fall '11?

  1. Waiting waiting waiting! This is the end of week 4 and I KNOW it will be 6 weeks, so why do they say 4-6 weeks on the website. UGH!
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    Moved to the VA Nursing Programs Discussion sub-board. Good luck!!
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  5. by   dp nursing student
    I emailed my nursing advisor and asked how long it usually takes. She wrote back and said because of spring break, they missed a week and are still reviewing the applications. So therefore they aren't going to be sent out until the 11th of april at the earliest. Don't worry I'm in the same boat as you...anxiously waiting!
  6. by   studentsara
    I got the same April 11th answer when I called the school secretary. UGH!
  7. by   dp nursing student
    It is frustrating, I don't know why they tell people 4-6 weeks. They know there going to have Spring/Winter break and can not review them then, it's been 7 weeks and still no reply.