Alexandria, VA Red Cross CNA course?

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    Hello all, I am considering the Alexandria, VA Red Cross CNA course. Has anyone taken this? How did you like it? Did you find a job easily? I am looking into CNA work while I do my nursing BSN prereqs.

    What is the average pay for a CNA in the DC (VA, MD) area?


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    just finished the course in December 2010
    I strongly recommend the day course taught by 2 of the most wonderful, insightful and experienced nurses ever.
    The clinical week is in a well-staffed and well-supplied nursing home nearby, the class is in an office easy to find and strategic to bus routes
    Have not taken the state test yet, but I understand pay is 11 - 15 per hour in this area
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    I finished the Red Cross CNA course in April and just took the state exam last weekend and PASSED! The course was a wonderful experience and I really feel prepared to apply for jobs as a CNA. I would definitely recommend the course to anybody.
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    How much does the coarse cost and how many weeks is it? Plus, do you guys have some contact information for them? I can't even find a correct phone number

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