Alexandria Detention Center hiring PRN nurses!

  1. My HSA just informed me that she is looking to hire additional PRN staff (RNs and LPNs). The job posting is listed on the company site, but if you're not familiar with our company, how would you know where to look? So I figured I could help by posting it on Go to and search under nursing. Good luck!
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  3. by   Bnandez
    Do they hire entry level/new grad RNs?
  4. by   ditakyah
    I was hired as a brand new LPN right out of school. But we were under a different company at that time... So I will ask her tomorrow and get back to you.
  5. by   ditakyah
    Quote from Bnandez
    Do they hire entry level/new grad RNs?
    I asked her yesterday and unfortunately she said she can not hire RNs with NO experience because there are times when there is only 1 LPN and 1 RN on a shift and there are emergencies at times. However, if you are a new RN who was previously an LPN with some experience, that is acceptable.