Accepted to SRMC Fall 2011

  1. Got my acceptance Friday
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  3. by   tnbutterfly

    Moved to the VA Nursing Programs Discussion forum so that other students will respond.
  4. by   VANursetobe
    Good Luck and Congrats!!
  5. by   sunflowersrose
    Hey, currently in Semester 2 good luck in the new program! Great job on getting accepted. Just a heads know how hard it is to get into nursing's about 5 X harder to stay in... get organized and prioritize! My class will be doing your friends and family night. Good Luck!
  6. by   gonnabanurse
    WOOO....scary....5x harder to stay in!!!! I guess I will have to put my best foot forward...and I will...there is no other option for me...Do you know what date classes will begin...haven't received that info yet and I will like to plan ahead?
  7. by   sunflowersrose
    I am unsure of the new program...but I will be starting semester 3 on August 29th. If you want it, you can obtain it...just stick it out.