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VTC tuition question

  1. 0 Hey Vermont nurses,
    From reading through some of these posts I have seen a few people that have graduated from Vermont techs nursing program. If any of you still follow this board would you please respond to me, I've got a time sensitive question about tuition. Thanks!
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    I just graduated. What can I help you with?
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    Hi jamsjul,
    Thanks for replying. I found out what I needed to know. But since I've got you how did you like the program? What site did you attend? Any advice? Congrats on graduating!!
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    what's your question?
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    Hi Dynas 12180! Which site are you attending? I'll be in the Newport one this fall and would like to meet other PN students...Thanks...
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    Hi dalgal! Ill be at the bennington site. Can't wait! Happy 4th!
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    hey jamsjul,

    any good advice for us new PN students?

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    Hey Jamsjul,

    Big kudos to you for graduating. I am starting the RN year at VTC.

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