VERMONT - Eligibility validity?

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    A friend of mine, RN, will be applying for Vermont Board of Nursing (NCLEX). She wants to know how many months or years is the validity of eligibility if Vermont will approved her application. All she know is that the Eligibility for Michigan, Tennessee and Texas is 1 Year only if you're made eligible.

    Aside for the Eligibility of the state, she also mentioned the Pearson Vue ATT eligibilty if you will be registering for the exam is more likely just 90days? Is this true? Please help me so I can give her an idea.

    thank you
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    ATT usually valid for 90 days once issued. Most I have seen for eligibility is 1-2 years but is there anything on the BON website?
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    I'm confused by your post. If your friend is an RN, why would she need to take the NCLEX? Is she from another country?

    ATT validity does vary somewhat between states, but in most places it is 90 days:

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