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Southern VT. College (SVC)

  1. 0 I am awaiting info from SVC regarding the ADN program.
    Is this a good choice for a Nursing program? Has anyone here attended SVC? Where do they do their clinicals? SWMC? VA?

    Any reply would be great!!

    Thank you

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    ............Nobody knows anything about Southern Vt college???? anything? huh??
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    Hello Mark,
    They seems to be a good school.
    I haven't heard of them until now but I look at their website and they seems pretty good.
    I am also applying to out of state school too.
    I won't mind to go to school there but I don't know much about vermont.
    I know it might be agood state with less crime rate but I dont know about job abd nightlife
    But I hope you get in,good luck!

    Quote from NeedchangeofPace
    ............Nobody knows anything about Southern Vt college???? anything? huh??