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  1. 0 Hello all i was wondering if anyone new of any Nursing Programs that are for High school Students that are in the state of vermont?
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    Hi...I'd recommend getting your LNA and then finishing up prerequisites such as Anatomy & Physiology, etc... then you can apply to several different programs around the state. If you already have those finished, you can probably check them out now! Good luck to you!
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    Oops, guess I didn't really answer your question...I only know of LNA programs at the high schools, but I am not sure...
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    Hey Dalgal,

    Any advice on VTC's LPN program? I start next week! I am really excited/nervous too!
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    Well, what does everyone think so far? We got right into things right away...and there is a ton of reading to do already! Clinicals will be fun I think!